Every story wants to be told in a distinct form.

The same event might inspire a marvellous novel, a terrible poem, or a tedious play.

Kaur Riismaa falling into this effusively poetical Estonian swamp while reading from his novel “Little Ferdinand” would definitely be boring in three acts. But as a video, well, see for yourself.


  • born in 1986 in Estonia
  • focused on physical and psychological time and memory in his novels and poetry
  • influenced by Boris Pasternak, Thomas Mann, James Joyce, T.S. Eliot, Haruki Murakami and that one author read yesterday

Estonian Cultural Endowment prize for “Merimetsa” and “Journey to the End of Day”

Winner of Tänapäev novel competition for “Blind Man’s Gardens”

Nominee for European Union Literary Prize for novel “Little Ferdinand”

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